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vente d art en ligne - peinture contemporaine de Dominique Mulhem
Vente d art en ligne - peinture contemporaine de Philippe Croq


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The artworks of your

Painting in miniature format with various framing options to give it a beautiful dimension.

Perrine Rabouin

The magic of the map projects us into the fabulous landscapes painted by Paul Cézanne.

Amandine Maria

Who loves color, art and design, will undoubtedly love the drawings of Damien Nicolas Roux."Pablo Picasso & the Parakeet" from the series "Room portraits" also has the didactic virtue of presenting an artist and one of his paintings.

Damien Nicolas Roux - DNR

"Emile Pierrot Marcel - bathers", a game of pétanque ?

Cécile Colombo

Photographic aesthetics.


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Online art gallery and gallery to live

In addition to being an online art gallery, the Maison Dauphine is rooted in a historic building in the heart of Aix-en-Provence: both a reminder of the city’s historical development and of 17th century craftsmanship, this little piece of heritage seemed to us to be essential to preserve, enhance and bring to life.

Since 2007, the Maison Dauphine has been home to TWO activities: a contemporary art gallery on the ground floor and a charming guest house on the upper floors, in brief a living art gallery.

Here you are welcome, with or without appointment, to stroll around, get information, choose an artwork and even try it out… since you can decide to stay overnight in one of our accommodations and wake up next to a painting, an object or a photo that you have selected in the gallery.

The Maison Dauphine is located in the most prestigious district of Aix-en-Provence, the Quartier Mazarin, a coherent ensemble built as an extension to the old city in the mid 17th century, thanks to the architectural ambition of Archbishop Michel Mazarin.

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