Biography of Cédrine Lixon

Cédrine Lixon is a multidisciplinary artist. An interior architect by profession, she reoriented herself to devote her time to her passion, glassmaking. This practice is a legacy from her ancestors who were glass cutters. To complete this heritage, she followed a training course in Italy. After a few years of travelling, she settled in Marseille.

She is also a composer, musician and singer. A real symbiosis governs this artistic universe, the same themes, the same visions, the same commitments inspire the musical creations and the work of the glass.


Cédrine Lixon’s work oscillates between poetry and design, art and technique. Her work is made with a noble and traditional material, Murano glass. She creates tailor-made objects for restaurants and for interior decoration. She has been commissioned by starred restaurants such as « Le Petit Nice Passédat » in Marseille, « Le Plazza Athénée » in Paris, « L’Air du Temps » in Belgium and « La Table de Ventabren ».

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On the theme of the ocean’s preservation, Cédrine Lixon reminds us in her own way about the dangers that await us with her Waves, which she creates in deep blue, grey or petrol black. These pieces, when they are in good natural light, or better still, when they come across a ray of sunlight, seem to be shimmering on a calm sea.

"Wave", nature and its resources as a source of inspiration.

Cédrine Lixon