Biography of Guy Denning

Guy Denning was born in 1965 in Bristol-UK and started painting with oil at the age of 11. He is a painter and a street artist. Refused on many occasions at the Schools of Fine Arts, he is a self-taught painter and obtained a degree in art history from « The Open University ». To provide for his family, he practiced various professions while continuing to paint. In 2007, exasperated by the politics of his country and being an English « subject » rather than a « citizen », he moved to France, in Brittany, and devoted himself entirely to painting.

His work is constantly evolving between tradition and modernity, he has developed a figurative style which is very committed to represent social issues, and adds his « punk » touch to his universe where political rhetoric and fantasy mix.



The instinctive, visceral character, of Guy Denning’s pieces reflect the fact that he works every day and the media he chooses vary according to circumstances and mood: painting or drawing, canvas or paper, newspaper or walls, handwriting, stencilled text, collage… He occasionally participates in significant street art events.

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Despite the difficulties encountered, Guy Denning is already well known in Europe and the United States where he regularly exhibits and meets a public of urban art lovers and collectors. His work, particularly his portraits, emanate a powerful expressiveness with a punk inspiration but also technical references to classic great masters such as Rembrandt, Goya, Schiele, Bacon or Kollwitz.

"Preparation for upfest angel 1", the angel's face.

Guy Denning

"For us they will - uk", a dynamic composition for a body in motion.

Guy Denning

"Die Markte (serigraphy 66/100)",a powerful and emotional work.

Guy Denning

"The start (uk)", the sketch of introspection

Guy Denning