Biography of Marina ÓÁZ

Marina ÓÁZ is an engineer and an artist. Her career as an artist began unofficially in 2005, when she chose glass and ceramics electives in the United States. It then developed in the shadows for years in parallel to her engineering profession. It was not until 2019 that her career as an artist officially began, when she decided to focus on artistic creation and won a special prize in the international competition “Arte Laguna”.

Her multidisciplinary work brings her closer to the spirit of the Renaissance and the Bauhaus movement where art, engineering and craftsmanship are mixed.



Her artistic work is indeed strongly influenced by her training as an engineer and by the experience she gained living in different countries. She is driven by curiosity and tends to apply an experimental approach to her art. Her interest in the design and construction of structures inevitably influences her art, particularly in her « En Piezas » project, where the works are all composed of small pieces that are assembled to form a larger structure.

The gallery's

We like Marina ÓÁZ’s approach, which uses a variety of artistic techniques that she intertwines with experiments in physics and chemistry. Her forms are sometimes geometric and architectural, sometimes organic. Her work, although it contains a thousand details of prints, combinations of materials and colours, retains a minimalist dimension in its form, texture and rendering which allows it to be associated with all sorts of settings.

"Menta grigia II - uk", mother Menta Grigia.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Menta nera II - uk", mother Menta Nera.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Menta grigia I - uk", daughter Menta Grigia.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Poliedro II - uk", like a piece of childhood.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Turquoise Light I - uk", clay and light.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Menta nera I - uk", daughter Menta Nera.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Poliedro I - uk", like a piece of childhood.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Menta bianca - uk", the biggest of all, the white spider.

Marina ÓÁZ

"Cubo - uk", like a piece of childhood.

Marina ÓÁZ