Valérie Gho is a unique personality who does not compromise with her convictions. Everything she does is dictated by love: love of beauty, goodness, nature and animals. When she is not a visual artist, she creates vegan pastries, which she sells in her concept store “La Vie Chérie”, in the heart of Luberon.

She also expresses her talents and her bulimia of projects, in the creation of jewelry, decoration and fashion.



Valérie Gho uses the cyanotype technique, developed in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer John Frederick William Herschel. It is a negative monochrome photographic process, by which we obtain a single Prussian blue print. As early as 1843, Anna Atkins, a British botanist, used it for the illustration of printed herbaria.

The gallery's

We love the authenticity of Valérie Gho’s work. These prints, sometimes enhanced with gold, evoke the fluidity of water, the breath of the wind in the grass, the deep blue of summer nights. Water, sun, paper and the “king” plant are her partners. Together they create aerial works, photograms in a unique blue.

We insert these small formats in the corners of our interiors that lack a little life. An air of summer even in the heart of winter, a good way to bring nature into your home.

(Photo credit Valérie Gho portrait : Didier Brousse)