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A fish dish for decoration, but it would be a shame not to use it in the kitchen.

Cécile Colombo

A small family of pictures to be offered by 1, 2, 3...


A coloured light point for a soft atmosphere.

Philippe Hérault

Mother Menta Grigia.

Marina ÓÁZ

Daughter Menta Grigia.

Marina ÓÁZ

The biggest of all, the white spider.

Marina ÓÁZ

A lovely balanced work.


Un point lumineux coloré pour une atmosphère douce.

Philippe Hérault

Mother Menta Nera.

Marina ÓÁZ

About the
art objects

About the online sale of art objects at the Maison Dauphine Gallery

Sale of art objects online, so simple

A sculpture ? a decorative object ? a designer light ? Thanks to the online art purchase, it is very easy to acquire unique and beautiful objects that accompany you in your daily life at home or at the office.

Sale of art objects online, beautiful decorative or useful objects

At the Maison Dauphine Gallery, we love the craft and the art trades that offer us small daily treasures such as Cécile Colombo's glazed ceramics to use for cheerful and vitaminized kitchens or Philippe Hérault's plexiglass and Led lamps that mix purity and character.

But we are also fans of collectibles and collectors' items: eggs and totem animals in Raku by Bennie and original glassware by Cédrine Lixon.

Sale of art objects online, inspirations

Our contemporary artists are inspired, it's up to you to be creative. With unique objects that find their genesis in folk art, Asian art, nature, or even architecture, you can imagine a setting that suits you, and that enhances a space, a window sill, or that enlivens a too wise library.

Our job as gallery owners is also to give ideas for installation to our purchasers. To do this, we have created a Lookbook space on the Maison Dauphine Gallery website.