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Pop Art and Street Art

Sale Street Art, the choice of a committed aesthetic

Street Art at the Maison Dauphine Gallery

  • Because Street Art has been an essential artistic movement in the history of contemporary art for several years...
  • Because the urban art has known a planetary expansion these last decades, as viral as the rock'n roll in its time...
  • Because the murals of street artists are the poetry of our city of today and that their works agitate the art market...

... It seems inconceivable to not offer a place of choice to graffiti artists and street artists in our exhibitions.

Street Art paintings on our online art gallery

Our choice of Street Art sales was focused on urban culture artists with a strong aesthetic, immediately identifiable, and carrying messages: Guy Denning for his powerful paintings and drawings where the human and the emotion shine in portraits with strength and majesty; James Cochran aka Jimmy C who lights up the city and the walls with his aerosol cans in soft tones.
Both are internationally renowned artists who share their time between ephemeral art on city walls, public spaces, disused factories, wastelands and street art festivals where we can admire the work of the artists, and perennial creations for art lovers and collectors.

Pop Art sale, the great influencer

Pop Art on our art website

Because like Street Art, Pop Art is characterized by the universal shockwave that it has caused in the world of contemporary art, we have given a special place to an artist steeped in popular culture: Dominique Mulhem.

Pop Art paintings from the Maison Dauphine Gallery

Our Pop Art choice highlights Dominique Mulhem: he perpetuates the historical attributes of Pop Art but also its most emblematic figures and themes. His work pays tribute to the major artists of Pop Art such as Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana or Roy Lichtenstein, but he does not forget to look at the icons of his time, notably through the leitmotif of a famous red-soled pump... to be discovered on our Pop Art gallery.