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"Vendome Pavilion" more neat than a French garden, the "foot map" of the Pavillon de Vendôme in Aix-en-Provence, a unique work for a unique place...

Amandine Maria

About the
works on paper

About the online gallery of works on paper at the Maison Dauphine Gallery

Work on paper, a medium to liberate creativity

Paper offers immense freedom to contemporary artists: cutting, folding, collage, drawing, watercolor, ink, charcoal, chalk, felt-tip pen, etc.

Paper is the medium of choice for M.Cohen who combines collage with painting and writing. In her work, paper is rolled, folded, glued, layered, and sometimes it even becomes a sculpture. An other plastician, Lola Frydman, who's part of a of a new generation of designers, and recently graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, creates her own recycled papers which become themselves artworks and supports of paintings, collages, drawings... A young artist to follow and on whom we bet!

Work on paper, a precision medium

Paper is a precision medium for the artists of the Maison Dauphine gallery.

Among the artists in our online gallery of works on paper, Amandine Maria is mapping Provence in watercolor and ink. Her maps with multiple points of view are embellished with texts and words that connect us to her walk, the original moment of the creation. Valérie Gho restores the beauty of nature thanks to the photographic process of cyanotype, which consists in applying a photosensitive mixture on paper to obtain, after exposure to the sun, a Prussian blue print. Duytter proposes a poetic and softened vision of the city in his black and white washes drawings. Finally, the work of Damien Nicolas Roux in felt pen on paper Instapolaroid-drawings pays a colorful tribute to iconic figures of design and architecture.